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One night, a group of masked hooligans attacks her....

Ohanian and Williams began dating in October 2015, but are not often in the limelight together.

Even so, Ohanian cheered Williams on when she took on Wimbledon.

But, maybe she is just the first of the collapsed dominoes.

The film follows three young characters of different social status, possessed by love for the wrong person.

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The District Court granted summary judgment to respondents, denying petitioner's motion under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 56(f) to delay its ruling until respondents complied with a discovery request. A prison official may be held liable under the Eighth Amendment for acting with "deliberate indifference" to inmate health or safety only if he knows that inmates face a substantial risk of Page II serious harm and disregards that risk by failing to take reasonable measures to abate it. They must ensure that inmates receive adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical care, and must protect prisoners from violence at the hands of other prisoners. 294, 298 , and the official has acted with "deliberate indifference" to inmate health or safety. Petitioner's invitation to adopt a purely objective test for determining liability - whether the risk is known or should have been known - is rejected. Nor may an official escape liability by showing that he knew of the risk but did not think that the complainant was especially likely to be assaulted by the prisoner who committed the act. In a suit for prospective relief, the subjective factor, deliberate indifference, "should be determined in light of the prison authorities' current attitudes and conduct," Helling v. In making the requisite showing of subjective culpability, the prisoner may rely on developments that postdate the pleadings and pretrial motions, as prison officials may rely on such developments to show that the prisoner is not entitled to an injunction. On remand, the District Court must reconsider its denial of petitioner's Rule 56(f) discovery motion and apply the Eighth Amendment principles explained herein. SOUTER, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which REHNQUIST, C. Several days later, after petitioner claims to have reported the incident, officials returned petitioner to segregation to await, according to respondents, a hearing about petitioner's HIV-positive status. Without ruling on respondents' request to stay discovery, the District Court denied petitioner's Rule 56(f) motion and granted summary judgment to respondents, concluding that there had been no deliberate indifference to petitioner's safety. Respondents, however, lacked the requisite knowledge, the court found. Mc Millian, supra, at ___ (slip op., at 3) (quoting Whitley, supra, at 320), an Eighth Amendment claimant must show more than "indifference," deliberate or otherwise. Hall, General Principles of Criminal Law 115-116, 120, 128 (2d ed. 394, 404 (1980), it was no accident that we said in Wilson and repeated in later cases that Eighth Amendment suits against prison officials must satisfy a "subjective" requirement. But Wilson cited those cases for the proposition that the deliberate indifference standard applies to all prison conditions claims, not to undo its holding that the Eighth Amendment has a "subjective component." 501 U. Petitioner's purely objective test for deliberate indifference is simply incompatible with Wilson's holding. Bivens actions against federal prison officials (and their 1983 counterparts against state officials) are civil in character, and a court should no more allude to the criminal law when enforcing the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause than when applying the Free Speech and Press Clauses, where we have also adopted a subjective approach to recklessness. Because "deliberate indifference" is a judicial gloss, appearing neither in the Constitution nor in a statute, we could not accept petitioner's argument that the test for "deliberate indifference" described in Canton v. Under the test we adopt today, an Eighth Amendment claimant need not show that a prison official acted or failed to act believing that harm actually would befall an inmate; it is enough that the official acted or failed to act despite his knowledge of a substantial risk of serious harm. S., at ___, and it does not matter whether the risk comes from a single source or multiple sources, any more than it matters whether a prisoner faces an excessive risk of attack for reasons personal to him or because all prisoners in his situation face such a risk. A prison official's duty under the Eighth Amendment is to ensure "reasonable safety," Helling, supra, at ___; see also Washington v. Petitioner's argument is flawed for the simple reason that "[o]ne does not have to await the consummation of threatened injury to obtain preventive relief." Pennsylvania v. An inmate seeking an injunction on the ground that there is "a contemporary violation of a nature likely to continue," United States v. In so doing, the inmate may rely, in the district court's discretion, on developments that postdate the pleadings and pretrial motions, as the defendants may rely on such developments to establish that the inmate is not entitled to an injunction. In granting summary judgment to respondents on the ground that petitioner had failed to satisfy the Eighth Amendment's subjective requirement, the District Court may have placed decisive weight on petitioner's failure to notify respondents of a risk of harm. [ Footnote 1 ] The facts of this case demonstrate how difficult that task can be.

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During her marriage to Jackie, Ro had an affair with a man named Steve from her gym, which remained a source of guilt.

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