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It is, first and foremost, the story of an ancient people who built a massive Bronze Age city that thrived and prospered in a place strategically located among key water resources and trade routes, emerging as the central hub of a dominant city-state during the Early and Middle Bronze Ages (between 35 B. He describes the site as consisting of both a lower and upper city.It features Early Bronze Age (3500 - 2350 BCE) evidence for a 5.2 meter thick city wall (built and then re-built stronger following an earthquake) as much as 10 meters in height and made entirely of mudbricks, with associated gates, towers, at least one roadway, and plazas.Another mighty act of God that tends to be disbelieved is the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.Scoffers, both Christian and secular, have a field day with this biblical event because it not only involves God’s supernatural workings and cataclysmic acts of nature, it also represents God’s righteous judgment of sin. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is a certain fact of history.It became an uninhabited wasteland for over 700 years but then, after those seven centuries, it started to flourish again – as indicated by the huge iron gate that leads into the city.Collins explained that this discovery is a milestone for archeology and that the people that lived in this region once thrived in their carefully selected location (near abundant water resources and crossing several trade routes of the time), and the area was especially important between 3500 - 1450 BC.ow having completed the tenth season of excavations, an archaeological team headed by Steven Collins of Trinity Southwest University, New Mexico, has unearthed a goldmine of ancient monumental structures and artifacts that are revealing a massive Bronze Age city-state that dominated the region of Jordan’s southern Jordan Valley, even during a time when many other great cities of the “Holy Land” region were either abandoned or in serious decline."Very, very little was known about the Bronze Age in the Middle Ghor (southern Jordan Valley) before we began our excavations in 2005," says Collins.

Of these, the six-day creation, the global Flood, the parting of the Red Sea, the virgin birth, the resurrection of Christ, and other spectacular works of God receive special criticism.

Tall el-Hammam matches the description of the area where Sodom was located according to the Bible. So, I came to the conclusion that if one wanted to find Sodom, one should seek the largest city that existed in this area during the Bronze Age, in the time of Collins and the rest of his research team compared the objects discovered in Tall el-Hammam with those found in nearby cities and, based on the artifacts and the excellent location, they have no doubt that Tall el-Hammam was the ancient city of Sodom.

Furthermore, Collins states that this gigantic city-state was abandoned under mysterious circumstances at the end of the Bronze Age.

He has written voluminously and passionately about his positions. Collins is also an evangelical Protestant who takes Scripture very seriously as historically accurate and inspired;but apparently not a conservative enough one in the eyes of some of his critics, who dispute not only his proposed location, but the chronological scheme that he holds. Well, if it isn’t (and I say this with complete confidence in what I know to be the facts of the case), there are going to be a lot of people with a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy! ” I wrote, “According to Collins, ‘The traditional “Southern Theory” site of Sodom does not have the geographical parallels described in the [biblical] text. One can see the whole area from the hills above Jericho (Bethel/Ai), 2.

Dating in particular always involves some speculation and subjectivity, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that vigorous debates occur along those lines. In the meantime, I welcome rational discourse pro and con (emphasis on rational! It must be a well-watered place (described “like Egypt”), 3.

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But the moral of the fable is this: The wolf eventually shows up—and no one takes the threat seriously.

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The president is also expected to get an earful from British Prime Minister Theresa May, following the apparent leak of shared intelligence information from the Manchester bombing that appeared in the U. Spotty, tantalizing rain showers have left fetid puddles, speeding the spread of deadly cholera.

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